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HWerks Review

Founded Founded on:2007

Company :HWERKS, INC

Area served:Wordlwide


Alex Rank :3,892,345

Google Pagerank :2

HWerks is a dating site and community for people who are living with herpes and/or the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). HWerks was founded in 2007 in Chicago, Illinois, then quickly went nationwide. HWerks has members across the United States and four different countries. HWerks has thousands of members on their dating site. HWerks dating site charges a low membership, but with many features.


The membership price is $30.00 for life. There are no monthly, bi-monthly, or yearly fees. You pay one time, and you are a member for life. To register you just enter your email address, and pay the membership fee. HWerks accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

Features and Benefits:

HWerks offer many features and benefits, which include:
·Video Chat
·Instant Messenger
·Profiles that are Detailed
·Forums that are Active
·Accessible with Smart Phones
·Photo Albums of Members

The HWerks offers a support system that allows individuals that are dealing with the diagnosis of herpes and/or HPV to talk one on one with others that have been where you are. The support system lets you know you are not alone, and can help you on your journey. HWerks also offers personal blogs that allows you to tell your personal story, and read other stories. Members can leave you feedback and talk to you too. There are a variety of features that HWerks offers, and the low membership is a perk.


HWerks doesn’t conduct any criminal backgrounds on any members, but they do support the “Internet Dating Safety Act”, which was passed in New York and New Jersey. The Internet Dating Safety Act recommends that any member should not falsify their dating profile, or give any personal information to any member. If you are harassed by any member or have a problem with a member, then you should contact HWerks immediately. HWerks has a ‘Contact Us’ page that allows you to contact the company directly, and they respond to any question or concern quickly.

Final Verdict:

HWerks.com is a wonderful STD dating site for individuals living with herpes, HPV, and HSV. The membership fee is very affordable as it is only $30.00 for life, which is lower than any other dating site. HWerks isn’t just a dating site for individuals living with herpes, HPV, and HSV, but the website also offers support, personal blogs, and active forums, so members can talk and get the support they need. The dating features include video chat, photo albums, detailed profiles, blogs, and the dating site is available on all smart phones. Along with the video chat HWerks also has an instant messenger. There is a privacy setting that members can use that allows certain members see your profile and photos. Members can also create their own groups on the website, which is also included in the membership. One of the main features is the blogs. You can share your story and read other members stories, then members can comment on your blog to offer you support. HWerks is a great website for any individual that is living with herpes, HPV, and HSV.

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