Is it risky to be a mother if you have herpes?

Herpes are sexually transmitted diseases which can be spread easily by skin-to-skin contact with an infected partner. The risk of getting herpes gets bigger and more serious while vaginal or anal intercourse. However, many young women who have herpes themselves or has contact with an infected partner decided to become mothers. Every woman dream of a healthy pregnancy and being in good condition while labor. Is it possible to realize that dreams if you are a mom to be with STDs?

Let’ face the truth, herpes doesn’t matter if transmitted while pregnancy or before become a partner, are dangerous and might affect not only your health but your baby as well. However, a woman with a record of genital herpes has very small ratio and possibility to transmit the virus to a baby because of antibodies circulating in the mother’s blood while pregnancy. Situations get more complicated if it’s time for a labor. Vaginal baby delivery is not recommended for any woman who had herpes in the past or has them during pregnancy, especially when it’s outbreak time. The main concern here is to prevent the baby’s skin from coming into contact with an active outbreak during childbirth. However, if there're no signs of outbreaks, a woman can deliver a baby in a natural way.

If a mother who has birth and breastfeeding has HIV or AIDS, the situation gets more complicated. In such cases, breastfeeding is not recommended because the possibility of spreading HIV to the infant is quite high. Milk might contain HIV virus.

Herpes might lead to miscarriage in few particular cases if:

1.Few outbreaks during the first trimester of pregnancy where developing fetus is not strong enough to overcome the virus.
2.When the first outbreak appears in the last trimester, because there’s no enough time to produce antibodies and the amount of the virus is too high.
3.If a first outbreak happens in any stage of pregnancy, the risk of transmitting herpes to the baby is around 20 % via the placenta.

Being pregnant while having herpes outbreak is dangerous, however, if you will keep proper care, you will deliver without problems. While pregnancy:
1.Talk with your gynecologist about herpes and be sure you are under professional care.
2.Make often and regular check-ups on your body and the baby as well.
3.Avoid oral sex while any stage of pregnancy.
4.Think about discuss with your doctor the possibility of C-section.
5.Eat well and rest enough.

After delivering the baby there’s still a risk of herpes transmission. If you are during the outbreak, never kiss the baby while having active cold sores. Wash your hands before touching the baby especially if you are during the outbreak, you can use latex medical gloves as well. Be sure to take all necessary precautions not to spread the virus to a young child. Small kids and infant are not strong enough to fight against the virus, which might lead to a death. If you notice that your kid has blisters on the body and do not behave well, is moody, crying a lot and have a fever, consult with pediatrician immediately.